Fan Fingers Celebrations

Fun Fingers™ are ready for any holiday or celebration where you need more volume at your FINGER TIPS! Below you will see a wide selection of our Fun Fingers™ for any party or celebration. Fun Fingers™ can go on all of your fingers easily and you can still eat and drink with them..NO PROBLEM. Wave your fingers and make noise! Bang them against your body and make MORE NOISE! Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Wedding Receptions, Sweet 16 Parties, Quinciñeras, Fourth of July, Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras, Fat Tueday, St. Patrick's Day, New Year's Eve, Carnivale and so much more! Fun Fingers™ are the perfect party favor for any average party goer that will turn them into a FINGER CLACKING PARTY ANIMAL! Try them for yourself at any kind of event and in any kind of weather (they fit over gloves easily) and you'll see how much fun making more noise can be. Are you ready to give the CHEER on that Bride and Groom; make any HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPIER; or actually MAKE THE CHICKEN DANCE FUNNY AGAIN? You bet you are! So Start GIVING THE EVERYONE THE FINGERS...FUN FINGERS, Because MORE NOISE = MORE FUN!

Fun_Fingers_Celebrations_Birthday.jpg FF_Pkg_Front_Balloons_2.jpg FF_Pkg_Front_New_Year_Hat.jpg
FF_Pkg_Front_American_Flag.jpg FF_Pkg_Front_Bar_Bat_13.jpg Fan_Fingers_Celebrations_Adjustment.jpg
Fun_Fingers_Celebrations.jpg FF_Pkg_Front_Over_the_Hill.jpg FF_Pkg_Front_4_leaf_clover.jpg
FF_Pkg_Front_Fireworks.jpg FF_Pkg_Front_Blue_Balloon.jpg Fun_Fingers_Celebrations_New_years.jpg
Fun_Fingers_Celebrations_Birthdays_2.jpg FF_Pkg_Front_Champagne_Glass.jpg FF_Pkg_Front_Smiley_Face.jpg

Join Slick Stuff at SMMEX Stand 205 this February 15 and 16, 2016 at Wembley Stadium! We'll be making more noise and having more fun at this show!

Get your Battle Rattle at the Fan Zones on Mile 12 and 26 of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on October 11, 2015

Enjoy Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras even more...beads are fun, but Battle Rattlz and Fan Fingers make any celebration more fun and let you put your brand into every celebrant's hands!

Battle Rattlz and Fan Fingers are the great way to show you and your team are part of fighting for the cure louder! Both of these terrific new noise makers fit on your hands easily and Battle Rattlz even fit on your shoes!

Well I took those noisemakers to my brother's on Thanksgiving and the kids loved them. In fact my nephew, handles the t-shirts etc for his university student store.
He is interested in talking with you about getting the school logo on them and promoting on campus.

- Nancy P.

Man the Fan Fingers and Battle Rattlz are cool! Taking them up my family's New Year's Eve Party, we're gonna wake everyone up!

- Scott B.

Everything went GREAT!  All of the attendees at the game thought the Battle Rattlz were a really cool concept.  The arena was definitely Rockin' and Rattlin'!  The use of the Battle Rattlz was incorporated into the game night script during the "Let's Get Loud" times of the game.  But any time there was something going on, you could hear those little things rattling throughout the arena, whether it was in beat with the music or in celebration of a good play.  It was really neat!


There were several scouts at the arena that night.  They held a workout for players prior to the game.  Each scout left with a Battle Rattle.  Several commented to the 66ers staff about what a cool idea they are!  The 66ers staff was VERY impressed.

- Dale Y.